Step 4: Protection
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Step 4, Protection, enables you to protect your screen saver from unregistered use, provide a trial version, and enable online purchasing of your created screen savers. You can also easily create unlock codes for users, after a purchase has been made, for example.

note Note  
To enable all other fields and checkboxes on the Protection tab, you must first check the Enable Protection checkbox.  

Under Protection Settings, enter the screen saver name under Project Name and enter the Encryption Key. In the Purchase URL box, enter the link to the web site where users can purchase your screen saver. Trial Period allows you to select the number of days the screen saver can be used before it expires and must be purchased.

The Unlock Code Generator allows you to generate unlock codes for those who purchase your screen saver. In the User Name box, enter the user name, then click the Generate button to create an unlock code for that user.