Step 1: Files
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Click the Add button to browse for and select individual image and/or video files for your screen saver. If you want to add more than one file in a folder to the list of specific image/video files, press the Ctrl key when you click each file.

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You can also add files by selecting Edit > Add File(s) or by pressing Ctrl+Ins.  

You can remove individual files from you screen saver by selecting them and clicking the Remove button. Note: File names will remain highlighted once you click them, so you can select more than one file at a time. If you wish to deselect a file from the list to be removed, click it again to remove the highlight.

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You can also remove files by selecting Edit > Remove File(s) or by pressing Del.  

Select the Clear button to remove all files from the Specific Image/Video File Selection list.

Select the Sort button to sort files in ascending or descending order, alphabetically by file name. You can also perform this function by selecting Edit > Sort Lists.

Move Up
Select one or more files and click this button to move the file(s) up in the list.

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You can also move files up by selecting Edit > Move Up or by pressing Ctrl+U.  

Move Down
Select one or more files and click this button to move the file(s) down in the list.

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You can also move files down by selecting Edit > Move Down or by pressing Ctrl+D.  

Select Folders
You can add the entire contents of folders containing image and/or video files to your screen saver. Click the Browse for folder button BrowseFolder to browse for and select folders containing image and/or video files. You can add more than one folder to your screen saver. Folders selected will be displayed in the dropdown list next to the Browse for folder button. To include images and videos in subfolders of selected folders, check the Include Subfolders of all folders in the list checkbox.

Remove Folders
To remove a folder from your screen saver, highlight the folder you wish to remove and click the Remove current folder button. RemoveFolder
To remove all folders, click the Clear folder list button ClearFolder.

Background Sound
You can add an audio file to use as the background sound for your screen saver. In order to browse for files, first check the Background Sound check box. To browse and select the audio file you wish to use click the Browse for background sound button. Browse

Preview Background Sound
To preview the background sound, click the Preview selected audio file button. PreAudio

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