Purchase and Activation
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Purchasing GraFX Saver Pro

You may purchase GraFX Saver Pro online with your credit card or PayPal, by postal mail, or by fax. The purchase price is $75.00. When you purchase GraFX Saver Pro, you will receive an activation code via email, usually within a few hours.
· Credit Card Online (secure)  
· PayPal  
· Postal Mail  
· Fax  

important Important  
To purchase GraFX Saver Pro, you must provide CDH Productions with the Product ID. To find the Product ID, click Help > Purchase. The Product ID is located on the bottom left of the Purchase GraFX Saver Pro dialog box.  

The trial version of GraFX Saver Pro is fully functional for 20 days.  The only limitation in the trial version is a watermark placed on created screen savers.  When you purchase GraFX Saver Pro, the 20-day trial period is removed; and created screen savers will contain no watermark.

Activating GraFX Saver Pro

Once you have received your activation code, you need to complete registration by activating your copy of GraFX Saver Pro. Select Help > Purchase. Under Enter Activation Details, enter your user name and the activation code provided in your activation email and click Activate License.

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