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File > New
Select to create a new screen saver project file.

note Note  
When you select File > New, you will see a prompt to save changes to the current screen saver project file. If you select No, you will lose all changes made since the last time you saved the current file.  

File > Open
Select to open an existing screen saver project file for editing.

tip Tip  
When you edit a screen saver project file that has already been published, you need to rebuild the screen saver package for the changes to take effect.  

File > Save
Select to save a screen saver project file. In the Save Project As dialog, locate the folder into which you want to save, type the desired project filename, and click Save. Project files are saved with the .GSP file extension.

File > Build Screen Saver Package
Select to build a screen saver package from the current project.

note Note  
If a required field on one of the tabs is empty, that tab will be displayed so that you can fill in the required information.  

File > Burn Auto-Run CD/DVD Disc
Select this option to burn the screen saver to a CD or DVD disc. When the user inserts the disc, the screen automatically begins running. No installation is needed.

File > Zip and Mail Screen Saver Package
Select to display the Zip and Mail Install Package dialog, which allows you to zip and email screen saver packages. Enter the recipient's email address, the subject, and your message in the appropriate boxes. Click Add to select the screen saver package(s) you wish to email. If you wish to remove a file from the list of attachments, highlight it and click Remove. If you have created a screen saver package from the project file you have open, when you select the zip and mail option, that package is added automatically to the list of attachments.

note Note  
The first time you select this option, you will be prompted to enter your name and email address.  

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